Test VM!

[img]http://virtual-machine.org/logos/absolute-linux-logo.png[/img][b] Absolutelinux 13.1.6 i386[/b]


[quote]Absolutelinux - distro based on Slackware. Very fast, perfect for older PC`s, ready to use at home.

[b]Username[/b] [b]Password[/b]
root tom

- Vmware Player for Linux or Windows [url=https://www.vmware.com/download/player/] [img]http://virtual-machine.org/logos/getplayer.gif[/img] [/url]
- 512MB of free RAM
- i386 processor , minimum Pentium 4

[b]Download Vmware image Absolutelinux 13.1.6 i386[/b]


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