Acces to host usb interfaces from SCO Unix 5.07


I have installed VMWare player on a windows 7 laptop. As guest I have SCO Unix 5.07.

Everything is working but I cannot get acces to the USB interfaces on the host machine.

Can somebody help me?


Konrad2 (not verified)

Hi Palle,

first of all check if USB is enable in Your VMware Player. If not, You have to enable it.
Just simply open VMware Player and click on Your guest system. Under the button "Play virtual machine" You can find another button "Edit virtual machine settings", click on it.
On the left side of the new window You will find a table with all necessary devices (CPU, memory, etc.etc.). Try to find out "USB Controller". If its not on the list click "Add" button and add this on the list. After that step save new configuration and "Play virtual machine".

I hope it will help You. If its not working You have to try to configure Your USB in SCO Unix.



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