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DesktopBSD is essentially a customized installation of FreeBSD and is not a fork of FreeBSD. DesktopBSD is always based on FreeBSD's latest stable branch but incorporates certain customized, pre-installed software such as KDE and DesktopBSD utilities and configuration files. A common misconception about DesktopBSD is that it is intended as a rival to PC-BSD as a BSD-based desktop distribution, since they are similar in structure and goals. However, the DesktopBSD project was started approximately one year before the PC-BSD project, despite the fact that the first PC-BSD release came out before DesktopBSD's. Neither the DesktopBSD nor PC-BSD projects intend to rival each other and are completely independent projects with distinctive features and intended outcomes: e.g., DesktopBSD uses ports and packages for additional software installation, whereas PC-BSD introduced PBIs.

Username: tom
Password: tomtom

MD5SUM: e045aafab13e908acda590c313f67600


- Vmware Player for Linux or Windows

- 512MB of free RAM

- 32bit or 64bit processor (Intel, AMD)

Download Vmware image of DesktopBSD 1.7 i386 and try out without installation !

Download DesktopBSD Vmware image

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1. DesktopBSD - VMware image download

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