Element HTPC - VMware Appliance (image) download

Element HTPC - VMware Appliance (image) download

Element 1.4 i386 - VMware image (appliance)

Elementlinux description:

Element is a free operating system for home theater PCs, media center computers, and set-top boxes. Featuring an innovative "across the room" interface designed to be connected to your HDTV for a digital media and internet experience from within the comforts of your own living room or lounge. Element comes loaded with the software needed to stream all forms of web content and manage your own multimedia library and downloads. We've included many popular open source applications, each adapted to our unique interface, such as the Firefox Web Browser, Pidgin Messenger, and XBMC Media Center, along with access to numerous on-line content services from Hulu, Cooliris, Boxee, Clicker, Amazon on Demand, Youtube XL, and more.

Username: root
Password: tomtom

Second user:
Username: tom
Password: tomtom


- Vmware Player for Linux or Windows
- 512MB of free RAM
- 32bit processor (Intel, AMD)

Download Vmware image of Element 1.4 i386 and try out without installation !

Element HTPC - VMware Appliance (image) download

Download #1 - Element HTPC - VMware Appliance (image)

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