Ubuntu Server 17.04 64bit - VMware image download

Ubuntu 17.04 64bit Server Vmware Image - Virtual Machine
Ubuntu is one of the most popular and well prepared Linux distributions. Ubuntu Server starting to be one of the best operating systems for server platforms. Downloading Ubuntu Server You can be sure that You will have always access to the most popular server repositories. Compare to other Systems like CentOS, here You have a full access to the most actual versions of all client - server services. In my opinion this is one of the best solutions to build a professional or home server

Here You can find credentials required to login:

Local user: tom Password: tomtom

Local user "tom" has also root privileges. If You would like to execute commands as root, simply execute all commands using sudo. (sudo su - command_to_execute)

Click here to download Ubuntu 17.04 Server VMware image

Download Ubuntu 17.04 Server VMware image

If You do not understand something or need some support, just ask question on my board.

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17.04 64bit
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